The 12 Week Self Directed
Eating Freely Program


Emma Murphy

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Hello ,

Welcome to Eating Freely™ and well done for choosing to take part in this program!

I know you’ll find the program hugely helpful in breaking old and unhelpful patterns of bingeing, restricting and being hard on yourself.

I guarantee if you do the work, you can look forward to a future where you are at peace with yourself and your body, and have a far happier, healthier, guilt free relationship with food.

There are 12 Video Sessions in the program, they will unlock for you weekly.

You will get an email every week to remind you to log in and see your next session, and once they are all unlocked you will have Lifetime Access to the full program.

The sessions contain psycho-education, downloadable tools, written exercises and meditations, which is the foundation of your learning and EVERYTHING you need to know to transform your relationship with food, and your body, FOREVER.

You will also see at the end of each session there are 3 questions for you to answer. These ‘Accountability Questions’ are for you – to help you stay on track between sessions by committing to do the exercises or use the tools given after you watch the sessions.  You’ll get an email with your responses so you can keep them or print them off as a reminder.

Finally, I strongly suggest you ensure you have access to a printer to print off all the handouts and written exercise sheets – there is a powerful effect to hand writing these exercises. 

Typing on a screen will not have the same impact for you at all, because ‘typing’ is automatic, where writing is kinesthetic – it really connects your hand, eyes and brain to help the information really sink in and be processed by your brain.

I also recommend you get yourself a nice notebook or journal to use throughout this program, and a nice A4 folder to keep all your resources and written exercises in.  The more you commit to the program, do the work and keep everything handy, the more benefit you will get from it.

So, if you are ready – then let’s get started!

Trinity College Research Invitation

Invitation to participate in the clinical validation of the Eating Freely Program.

A research project in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.

This valuable research will give you the opportunity to do an initial assessment of where you are at now, have access to a valuable app that will help you track your food, moods and behaviours over the course of the program, and see how far you progress as a result of investing and engaging in the program.

Participation is entirely optional, and Trinity are paying a small fee to all participants of €50 to thank you for your contribution.

Full details and to apply are below.