Eating Freely Program
Session 1 - Commit & HALT


Emma Murphy MIACP

Welcome to the first session of your Eating Freely™ Program!  

The theme of the first session is to Commit.  Eating Freely is a very new concept for a lot of my clients, because so much of their lives has been taken up with ‘restricting’ – ie dieting, calorie counting, cutting out entire food groups, etc, OR feeling guilty about eating.  

The key to truly Eating Freely, as you will learn throughout these sessions, is being kinder and more compassionate towards yourself, and that’s what this video introduces to you.  

Today you are going to learn about the Three F’s, and how to live by them.

You will also learn about a really helpful tool that will help you to reduce your episodes of bingeing or overeating - straight away.

Finally if you are ready to fully commit to resolving your relationship with food, you can download and sign a Commitment Contract to yourself. 

My hope is that after this session YOU will feel more hopeful. Change is possible, but it means doing things differently. 

To get started:

1. Click the 'Video' button at the top of this box.

2. You can download the two handouts for today's session by clicking the 'Download' buttons on the right.

I always recommend you print off any handouts and use a pen or pencil to write as physically writing is more powerful for your brain than typing.

Finally, once you finish the session you will be given 3 questions to answer - these are designed to help you commit to following through on what you learned during the session.

I hope you find it helpful.

Warmly, Emma

Please download resource for this week – the HALT chart.  This HALT chart that will help you to reduce your episodes of bingeing or overeating - straight away.

If you are ready, you can print off and sign the Commitment Contract for yourself, to commit to doing the work in this program and finally find what you have wanted for so long - true freedom around food.

Please also take time to answer the Accountability Questions for yourself, and you will receive an email with your responses to save or print.

I hope you found this session helpful.